May 14, 2019

To be completely honest, Bermuda was never on my radar, and definitely not a place I'd considered a bucket list destination. I knew it was an island in (or near) the Bermuda Triangle ... and that was pretty much it. I quickly learned there was MUCH more to this beautiful slice of paradise than just the myths and legends. A cluster of remote islands set in the Atlantic, Bermuda truly was a dream destination. And the kicker was that it was surprisingly not overrun with tourists, making it the perfect escape for travelers looking to avoid the all-inclusive and cruise ship crowds of the Caribbean. In fact, most days on Bermuda I wondered where everyone was? I'm so grateful the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club invited me to spend a weekend with them - now I've experienced one of the best kept island secrets. Bermuda!


 Greetings from the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club, the cutest property on the island!


Surrounded by sparkles at Warwick Long Bay.


Exploring my favorite part of Bermuda - colorful St. George's Parish. 


Bermuda completely took me by surprise - couldn't believe the beauty and color of this gorgeous island.



St. George Town, St. George's Parish

This former capital of Bermuda was the earliest permanent English settlement in the New World, and an absolute delight to explore on foot. Pedestrian friendly, the town was a maze of cobbled streets lined with colorful historic buildings, churches, museums, shops and restaurants. St. George's Town was the perfect place to get lost on foot, and let the little streets and alleys lead the way. Some of my favorite discoveries included charming St. Peter's Church; white washed Barber's Alley; the blue & white Frangipani building; and the little intersection of Water Street and Pennos Drive.

PRO TIP: To experience the town without people out and about, we visited at 8 AM on a Sunday morning. It was practically a ghost town because most businesses were closed and locals at home - great time for photos.


Warwick Long Bay

Horseshoe Bay gets all the glory, but I thought Warwick Long Bay was the prettiest beach on the island. We visited on an early afternoon at low ride, and I was blown away by the beauty of this place - pink sand, turquoise sparkles and some of the clearest water I have seen. The beach was located next to Jobson Cove (another Bermuda beauty) with a small rocky cliff dividing the two. For a spectacular view of both Warwick Long Bay and Jobson Cove, I climbed up the rocks ... beyond picturesque!

PRO TIP: Check the tides before visiting Warwick Long Bay. At high tide the beach was filled with seaweed, and rattled by rough waters. Not a pleasant place to be. But at low tide, Warwick Bay transformed into an absolute paradise. Amazing what a difference the tide can make!


Flatt's Village

We stumbled on Flatt's village on our drive up to St. George's Parish from Hamilton. The colorful little fishing village sat on a tiny bay overlooking the prettiest turquoise blues. It's small (we saw everything in 10 minutes), but worth a stop for lunch and a couple of photos. The setting reminded me a bit of Burano, but in the middle of the Atlantic. Buoys dotted the bay that was lined with pastel pink, yellow, orange and blue houses, an excellent backdrop for photos from the pier across the water.


Horseshoe Bay

We saved the most famous beach on Bermuda for our last morning on the island, and left almost as soon as we arrived. Maybe I was spoiled having Warwick Long Bay to myself, but the crowds of cruise ship passengers being unloaded at Horseshoe Bay were a complete deterrent from visiting any longer than 10 minutes. All we really saw were people and plastic sun chairs, not much actual beach. 

PRO TIP: Check the port schedule, and visit Horseshoe Bay when a cruise ship is not docked. 



The island capital wasn't as charming at St. George's Parish, but still definitely worth a visit for the shopping, restaurants and waterfront setting. Hamilton was also home to cutest little staircase on the island, tucked away on Chancey Lane. 


Jobson Cove

Located just a few steps from Warwick Long Bay, Jobson Cove was a completely different world. This little bay was small, intimate and we never shared it with more than a couple of other sunbathers. The calm, clear shallows were surrounded by large rocks, protecting the cove from rough outside waters. And I absolutely loved the staircase carved into the rocks that overlooked the cove - summer Euro vibes!


Adored the pink theme of the Hamilton Princess Hotel.


St. Peter's Church in St. George's Parish was one of the most charming churches I'd ever visited.


 Welcome to Bermuda, land of colorful shorts for men. Loved the styles!


 Soaking in the sunshine at Flatt's Village.


Afternoon treats in the hotel's Fairmont Gold Lounge.



Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club

For so long, it had been a dream of mine to stay at an iconic pink hotel - maybe on Oahu, or in Marrakech, Beverly Hills or South Africa. So when the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club invited me to spend a weekend with them on Bermuda, I jumped at the chance. The hotel absolutely embraces the island's signature color with its pink buildings, pink shuttles, pink towels, pink treats, pink tennis court, pink chairs ... the list goes on! I couldn't have asked for a more pink oasis.


We kicked off the trip at the property's private beach club located on the southeast coast of the island, just a few kilometers up the road from Horseshoe Bay, Warwick Long Bay and Jobson Cove. From the hotel, we boarded the pink hotel shuttle and within 15 minutes arrived to paradise views. The gorgeous protected bay was lined with loungers, cabanas, showers, lockers, a bar, restaurant and three ocean hammocks swaying over the turquoise blue water. The place was an absolute dream!


Conveniently, we were able to do most of our meals at the hotel because the property had such a variety of food options. Our stay included access to the Fairmont Gold Lounge where we enjoyed a lavish breakfast buffet every morning over views of the Hamilton harbor. For dinners, we dined at the property's restaurant Marcus, from world renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson, with menu highlights that included fried chicken & waffles with honey and watermelon salsa; crispy buttermilk cauliflower; cornbread; and winter root vegetable ramen. 


The hotel's gorgeous private beach club was a quick 15 minute drive by private shuttle. 


Found the cutest pedestrian alleys in St. George's Parish. 


Flatt's Village.


We had dinner and drinks almost every night at the hotel's signature restaurant, Marcus.


 All the cruise ship tourists visit overcrowded Horseshoe Bay, so I spent all of my time on Warwick Long Bay. More beautiful, and no crowds.


 Hmmm ... trying to decide if my dream house is blue or pink.


Even the luxury shuttle to and from the beach club was pink!



Electric Car

As tourists, we weren't allowed to rent cars on Bermuda. I learned that to control the number of vehicles on the road, the government only permits local residents to own a car and drive on the island. That left us three options: scooter rental, taxi or mini-electric car. I can't ride a scooter, and a taxi was too expensive and too limiting, so we went with the electric car option. There were a couple of companies that rented on the island. We decided to go with Current Vehicles - the reviews were positive, they had a fleet of vehicles on-site at the Hamilton Princess, and there were Current charge stations all over the island that we could plug into while off exploring on daytrips. We paid $99 a day, plus the cost of insurance. 

PRO TIP: We downloaded the app Maps.Me, a Current Vehicles staff member can loaded up all of their charge point on the island. This made it super convenient to map out our destinations via GPS every morning, and the app directed us to the closest charging station (similar to Google Maps). Also, remember that in Bermuda they drive on the left side of the road!


Little electric cars were how most tourists got around on the island.


 Found so much color at the staircase on Chancey Lane, in Hamilton.


 Sparkles galore on Bermuda's east coast.


 Absolutely loved the pink vibes of the hotel - it fit right into the island's pink theme.


 A lovely afternoon at beautiful Jobson Cove. 


 I loved visiting the beaches at low tide when the waters were calm, shallow and sparkly.


 The sand really was pink, and certain times of the day the beaches had a rose tint to them.


 Balcony goals at the hotel.


Thanks for an amazing stay Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club!


Farewell, Bermuda! 


Thank you to Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club for hosting my stay and sponsoring this post. xx

All honest opinions are my own! 

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