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To be completely honest, Bermuda was never on my radar, and definitely not a place I considered a bucket list destination. I knew it was an island in (or near) the Bermuda Triangle, and that was pretty much it. Well, over the course of one idyllic weekend I quickly realized I'd been missing out on Bermuda as a destination all these years. A cluster of remote islands make up the tiny nation that sits in the Atlantic off the coast of North Carolina, and it's a little slice of paradise. It's quiet. It's developed. It's charming. And its beaches rival those of the Caribbean. Only Bermuda isn't overrun with tourists. Below is my guide to a long weekend on the island including the best beaches, colorful parishes, hotel suggestions, transportation options and more.

Flatt's Village, Bermuda

I loved the bright colors of the settlement Flatt's Village.

Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

Surrounded by sparkles at Warwick Long Bay.



Flatt's Village is a charming stop on the drive up to St. George's Parish from Hamilton. The colorful little fishing settlement sits on a tiny bay overlooking sparkling turquoise water. Buoys dot the little bay that is lined with pastel pink, yellow, orange and blue houses, an excellent backdrop for photos from the pier across the water. The village is very small, it takes all of 10 minutes to walk.


The island capital isn't quite as charming at St. George's Parish, but still definitely worth a visit for the shopping and restaurant options on the waterfront.


The most famous beach on the island sits in Bermuda's Southhampton Parish. It's one of the few places that gets spoiled by tourists if a cruise ship is in port, so check the schedules and plan accordingly.


Located just a few steps from Warwick Long Bay, Jobson Cove is completely secluded, unlike its wide open neighbor. The little bay is small, intimate and rarely sees more than a handful of other sunbathers. The calm, clear shallows are surrounded by large rocks, protecting the cove from rough outside waters. Look for the staircase carved into the rocks that overlooked the cove - summer Euro vibes!


This former capital of Bermuda was the earliest permanent English settlement in the New World, and it's an absolute delight to explore on foot. The pedestrian friendly town is a maze of cobbled streets lined with colorful historic buildings, churches, museums, shops and restaurants. St. George is the main town in St. George's Parish, the perfect place to get lost on foot, and let the little streets and alleys lead the way. Highlights include charming St. Peter's Church; white washed Barber's Alley; the blue & white Frangipani building; and the little intersection of Water Street and Pennos Drive.

PRO TIP: To experience the town without people out and about, visit at 8 AM on a Sunday morning. It's practically a ghost town because most businesses are closed and the locals stay home - great time for photos.


Horseshoe Bay gets all the glory, but Warwick Long Bay is the prettiest beach on the island. It's prettiest at low ride when the water is calm and clear, and you can see the pink sand. The beach is located next to Jobson Cove with a small rocky cliff dividing the two. For a spectacular view of both Warwick Long Bay and Jobson Cove, climb up the little cliff.

PRO TIP: Check the tides before visiting Warwick Long Bay. At high tide the beach is filled with seaweed, and rattled by rough waters. Not a pleasant place to be. But at low tide, Warwick Bay transforms into an absolute paradise. Amazing what a difference the tide can make!

St. Peter's Church, St. George's Parish, Bermuda

St. Peter's Church in St. George's Parish is absolutely charming..

St. George's Parish, Bermuda

St. George's Parish sits on the north end of Bermuda.

Jobson Cove, Bermuda

A scenic stretch of rocky cliffs surround Jobson Cove.

Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

The sand at Warwick Long Bay has a pink glow when the sun is shining.



For the most iconic hotel stay on Bermuda, look no further than the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. The property sits in the heart of the Hamilton waterfront, walking distance to shops and restaurants, and a short drive to some of the nicest beaches on the island. Pink is the signature color of the hotel with a pastel exterior that cannot be missed, along with matching pink shuttles, pink towels, pink treats, a pink tennis court and pink chairs for guests.

The hotel is a Fairmont property, and boasts all the luxuries one would expect from the brand - modern rooms, ocean facing pools, several delicious restaurants and exceptional service from the staff. And while Hamilton Princess location is on the waterfront, the actual beach club is on the southeast coast of the island near Warwick Long Bay and Horseshoe Cove. The beach club is private and surrounds a beautiful sheltered bay that is lined with loungers, cabanas, showers, lockers, a bar, restaurant and three ocean hammocks swaying over the turquoise blue water. A pink hotel bus shuttles guests back and forth - it's about a 15 minute journey.

Hamilton Bermuda Princess Beach Club

The hotel's private beach club is a quick 15 minute drive by private shuttle.

Hamilton Bermuda Princess Beach Club

The private beach is absolutely divine - a great place to spend an afternoon.

Hamilton Bermuda Princess Hotel

The pink colors scheme of the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club is so fitting on Bermuda.

Hamilton Bermuda Princess Hotel

I had to take a photo in front of the most #instagrammable location at the hotel.


Electric car

Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed to rent a car on Bermuda. The government only permits locals access to vehicles to control traffic on the island. This leaves visitors with three options: scooter rental, taxi or mini-electric car. We opted for electric car option. There are a couple of companies that supply rentals on the island. Current Vehicles had the best reviews and the most charge points on the island, so we went with their company. And conveniently, Current Vehicles keeps a fleet of vehicles on-site at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club.

PRO TIP: If you download the app Maps.Me, a Current Vehicles staff member will load all of the company's charge points on the island. This makes it super convenient to map out your destinations via GPS, and the app directs you to the closest charging station (similar to Google Maps). Also, remember that in Bermuda they drive on the left side of the road!

Bermuda Flight

Farewell, Bermuda!

Thank you to Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club for hosting my stay and sponsoring this post. xx

All honest opinions are my own!

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