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April 15, 2019

I spent the last month traveling the world with Patricia Nash Designs, and I wanted to share a few highlights with you guys from my adventures in Italy, Singapore and Hawaii. For me, traveling is all about discovering places, cultures and experiences – something that aligns so well with the Patricia Nash Designs, a brand that is inspired by discovery.


My Lamezia Box Bag was a perfect fit at the Japanese Cemetery Garden, in Singapore - it fit right in with all the blooms!


 Always trying to matching the settings I travel to!



For the first time ever, I visited the Puglia region of Italy! This was my inaugural visit to the "heel" of the boot, a place that had been on my bucket list for so long! I embarked on so many daytrips around Puglia, visiting everywhere from the trulli of Alberobello to the mountain city of Matera, and my Luzille Backpack was perfect for these full day outings. I loved that it was pink, and large enough to hold my camera, lens, phone, power bank and a scarf. And just before my trip, I'd learned that the leather cutting used by Patricia Nash Designs was a technique adopted from a found in a vintage shop in Italy. Particularly fitting!


My pink Luzille Backpack held everything I needed for daytrips arond Puglia - camera, lens, phone, power bank and scarf!



My next stop was the Lion City! This was my first visit to Singapore, and I couldn’t wait to immerse myself in the color, design and beauty of the urban wonderland. I packed my Lamezia Box Bag knowing I would use it every day. The white flower detailing was perfect for the exotic Singapore setting, and the bag was an easy match to all of the dresses and rompers I packed for the trip. Some of the most memorable (and colorful!) spots I visited were Little India, the Japanese Cemetery Garden, the Art Science Museum and Gardens by the Bay.


 Toting my charming Lamezia Box Bag around Little India.


Obsessed with all the colors I discovered around the vibrant city. 



It had been years since I was last in Hawaii, and I almost felt like I was traveling to somewhere entirely new. So much had changed since I was last on Oahu! And with only three days to explore, I only had time for a handful of activitiesa. Because Oahu was a mix of adventurous daytrips and Waikiki luxury, I was able to mix and match a few Patricia Nash Design pieces throughout the weekend. The Luzille Backpack was perfect for daytrips to the Lanikai Pillbox and Crouching Tiger Trail, while I used the Lamezia Box Bag out and about around Waikiki.


It's all about blending in with the scenery when I travel to colorful locales.


Resort life with my favorite new pieces from Patricia Nash.


The Kakaako murals were completely new to me - a hidden gem I discovered here in Honolulu.  


 Soaking in the prettiest views on the island at the Lanikai Pillbox, wearing my Luzille Backpack.


Pretty much carried my Lamezia Box Bag with me everywhere in Hawaii - the white flowers were a perfect fit here on the island!



Special thanks to Patricia Nash Designs for sponsoring this blog post! All honest opinions are my own. xx


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